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The best and hardest Spanking and Caning Videos ever, from Russian and Eastern Europe.


Feb 17HD    Punishment Methodology 5
HD    Life in the Elite Club - 20
HD    Michelle versus Wendy - The Fight
HD    Wheel of Pain 18
HD  Mood Pictures - The Prison Punishment Show
HD  Wheel of Pain 15
HD    Punished: Stella
HD  Wheel of Pain 13
HD  Dr. Lomp Part 5
HD    Wheel of Pain 17
HD  Wheel of Pain - Special Edition
HD  Mood Pictures - The Milgram Experiment 4
HD  Lomb's Court Case 4
HD  Life in the Elite Club 18
HD  Mood Pictures - Fear
HD  Wheel of Pain 7


Whipped on her tits
Bruised and welted
Russian Street Walker Caned Girl 1
Caning Of Her Life
Russian Spanking - Site Trailer
Punishment Of Hooch Pt. 1
Stripped naked and suspended
Hired for a punishment session
Russian Secretary Abused And Spanked
A Russian maid in trouble
Face-slapped in Russian School
Cute girl - severe caning
Russian Discipline Photo Set 18
Tied up in frame and punished
Bound To The Punishment Bench For A Severe Caning
Corporal Punishment in Russian Class
An extra long caning
Punishment of Hooch Pt. 2
Russian Discipline Photo Set 181
50 hard strokes
A butt blistering spanking
Report to the headmaster
Russian Street Walkers
A Pervy Photographer
Face Slapped Schoolgirls
Punished Prostitute
Street Girl Punishment Part 2
Caught cheating in an exam
Caned and strapped across her naked butt
Stroke after stroke
Reddened buttocks exposed for all too see
Severely caned Russian Beauty - Real Tears

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