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The best and hardest Spanking and Caning Videos ever, from Russian and Eastern Europe.


Jan 21HD    Michelle versus Wendy - The Fight
HD    Wheel of Pain 18
HD    Mood Pictures - The Experiment
HD    Punished: Stella
HD  Mood Pictures - The Prison Punishment Show
HD  Wheel of Pain 8
HD  Lie Detector II - 3 Girls
HD  Punishment Methodology 2
HD  Wheel of Pain 15
HD  Mood Pictures - Revenge of the Laughing Girl
HD  Life in the Elite Club 18
HD  Wheel of Pain 11
HD  Mood Pictures - The Mlgram Experiment 2
HD  Wheel of Pain - Special Edition
HD  Wheel of Pain 13
HD  Wheel of Pain 6


Punishment Of Hooch Pt. 1
A Russian maid in trouble
Punished Prostitute
Punishment of Hooch Pt. 2
Cute girl - severe caning
Whipped on her tits
Stripped and tied down
Hired for a punishment session
Russian Secretary Abused And Spanked
A butt blistering spanking
Russian Street Walkers
Corporal Punishment in Russian Class
Street Girl Punishment Part 2
Russian Street Walker Caned Girl 1
Severely caned Russian Beauty - Real Tears
Report to the headmaster
Caught cheating in an exam
Russian Discipline Photo Set 18
Leaving her welted and sore
Russian Spanking - Site Trailer
Face Slapped Schoolgirls
A Pervy Photographer
50 hard strokes
Bound To The Punishment Bench For A Severe Caning
Caned and strapped across her naked butt
Caning Of Her Life
Russian Discipline Photo Set 181
Bruised and welted
Stripped naked and suspended
Reddened buttocks exposed for all too see
Tied up in frame and punished
Stroke after stroke

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